About The AromaShare Team

The motto for the team: Aroma Sharing is Caring!

Most of us have no problems recommending a nice movie or a great restaurant to our friends; but for a variety of reasons, face challenges sharing about the benefits of essential oils. Hence, as a team, we are passionate about emphasizing that we share from the heart space of love and care.

We find alignment in the mission of Young Living: Abundance, Wellness and Purpose.  We are committed to Excellence in the following ways:

Educating Ourselves. We believe strongly in education. However, we also like the idea of learning together as we grow in knowledge. So a lot of fun goes into our learning journey. And so, we endeavor to get together for coffee sessions, attend company talks and join activities. Our team has now grown to a community of members who loves exchanging ideas, learning together and creating win-win relationships.

Embodying Wellness. Knowledge will be useless if we do not apply it. So we do our best to integrate what we learn and apply into our daily lives.

Empowering Others. We believe in sharing our knowledge so that our friends and family can make empowered choices. We achieve this by conducting classes and workshops. We also share about the business opportunities that come from having an essential oil business. Check our event calendar here (link)!

The AromaShare group is a heart-centered team. We love and care for each other’s well-being. Our hope is to inspire others make empowering lifestyle choices. We enjoy using the Young Living platform, allowing us to multiply our reach to transforming even more lives, than if we are to do this alone. It truly is our way of making a positive change in this world.

If you have landed on this page and reading this section now, know that we care for your well-being too. Do join us (link to calendar event) or contact us (link to contact page). We will be delighted to hear from you.